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Reviver is currently unavailable for purchase, please check back in a few days. Thanks for your patience!

Purchasing Reviver

Reviver is available for immediate purchase in our shop for only 29 USD. Simply fill in your billing and credit card or PayPal information and you will receive a valid serial number to unlock the demo version of Reviver right away. This way, you can be using the full version of Reviver in a matter of minutes.

Take the Reviver Tour

To help you with your purchase decision, Fielding DSP offers a fully-functional demo version of Reviver. Simply download the installer and see if Reviver fits your specific needs. If you decide to purchase Reviver, all you need to do is enter the serial number that comes with your purchase. There is no need to download or install Reviver a second time.

Customer Support

Fielding DSP will respond to your support request as quickly as possible via E-Mail. We will give our best effort to help you, no matter if it is a technical question or you would just like some advice on how to use Reviver in your specific situation.

More About our Terms and Conditions

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